Tuesday, December 15, 2009

2012 and yak meat

New Year is still two weeks away, but I made a couple of New Year resolutions last week.

The timing of my resolutions was perfect. It was past 12 midnight and I was watching the apocalyptic movie, 2012. In the movie, a few people representing different nations get to board a huge ship before the entire world is destroyed in huge tsunamis.

I want to be on that ship if such a catastrophe ever happens. But I am afraid I do not have enough money to get a ticket so if I do some good deeds before 2012 I may get a complementary ticket for my contributions to all sentient beings. One such resolution was to write this column and tell young people not to be afraid about 2012.

A friend of mine walked into my office on Wednesday and said she was worried. “My 11-year-old brother says he wanted to get married,” she said. He had watched 2012 and wants to taste the forbidden fruits of life before a tsunami soars from the ocean and pulls down glacial lakes.

Another friend tells that his Class XII son who is writing his board exams said there is no use studying since the world would end soon. The boy, who is poor is Maths, Dzongkha, and Accounts, has demanded his father to open up a video games parlor in Motithang so that he can play games, earn money and drink lots of Coca Cola before 2012. His poor academic records did not stand in the way of preparing a business plan to prove that there is scope for another video games parlor in Motithang.

I am interested to see the Class X and XII results of students from urban schools. If the performance is poor compared to previous years then we can put some blame on the movie.

Another friend in the civil service has given up his ardent desire to go for masters. He has now opened a farm in Facebook Farmville, and has resolved to devote more time to chat with Buddhist girls on Yahoo Messenger and MSN.

Scientists around the world have been telling that the world will not end in 2012. There may be nothing to fear about but I have decided to treat Brown girl, the cute little dog that escorts me to my log cabin door when I return late after work. I fed her for the first time this week with a piece for yak meat.


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  2. Just day before yesterday when my 9 yr old nephew told me that world will end in 2012, i thought he was telling me some imagined nonsense. After reading this i understand there was some reasonable story behind it.

    Similar things and more have happened towards the end of 1999. What not was heard to have happened then ? at year 2000 world will end and then what happened ?

    This earth is such a lovely, beautiful place and how will a loving God / Univerese think of ending His beautiful creation..... nothing will happen.... Despite the whatevers the world is only getting nicer and better :-)

  3. Money won't get you onto that ship, my friend, nor will you be able to take any along. It's one of those ships where your luggage may contain any amount of some things, but others are so irrelevant that not even one tiniest particle of them will fit into it.

    Yeah, they say an apocalypse is coming. What they don't say is that an ancient meaning of the word is 'unveiling'. It's not coming, it's here. Open your eyes and watch. (And write what you see :-)) No need anymore to quote that ancient Chinese proverb about living in interesting times..

    But then, maybe you of all people won't need a ship. Maybe the ship is Bhutan! There, you already have what some of the rest of us long for - and lost so long ago we have to re-invent or borrow legends and traditions about it.

    red dragon

  4. Oh yes, and I've got a link for your civil-service friend:

    Distractions will only increase. I think the trick may be to get used to this without getting used to them..

    What a fine night for musing!

    red dragon